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#HillsOfRock2018 in Pictures

(by Velina of “My Rock Mixtapes”) I’m still trying to process every little thing that happened to me during the 2018 Hills of Rock festival because the whole thing was literally one great thing after another. This was the first time I took part in a 3-day festival […]

[’80s Rock Album Focus] Judas Priest – Turbo

  TURBO Released: April 14, 1986 Length: 40:58 Label: Columbia Singles: “Turbo Lover”, “Locked In”, “Parental Guidance” Certified: Platinum (RIAA) ~ Tracklist: “Turbo Lover” “Locked In” “Private Property” “Parental Guidance” “Rock You All Around the World” “Out in the Cold” “Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days” “Hot for […]

My Favorite ’80s Rock Albums! (PART 2)

  Hello, everyone! Previously, I have listed 10 of my favorite rock albums from the 80s (you can check the publication by clicking here – [CLICK HERE] My Top 10 ’80s Rock Albums! ). However, since we are talking about the 80s and rock music, naturally, much more than […]