[PLAYLIST] 20 Rock Songs That Can Set Your House on FIRE

into the fire

Are you ready to go into the fire? Because these 20 rock tunes will surely make things much hotter for you!

The idea to make this playlist came out of nowhere and my phone playlist will once again take full credit for it. I should clarify that I usually have it on “shuffle” mode because it gets more interesting that way, naturally. So, as I was listening to Helix’ “House on Fire” and then coincidentally, the following track was Strangeways“Walk in the Fire”. That made me think – I took out my phone and started browsing through the playlist and trying to count how many songs I have with the word “fire” in their titles and guess what , there were plenty! I came back home and quickly composed this little playlist, consisting of 20 rock tunes, from different eras and sub-genres, but all possessing that “firey spirit” I was talking about. From The Doors with their ultimate classic “Light My Fire” to Billy Joel’s timeless “We Didn’t Start the Fire”; from ‘80s hard rock bands like Def Leppard, Dokken and Helix to Deep Purple and Rainbow, I guarantee that the following 20 tracks will set your house on fire! Enjoy and feel free to add more!

Listen to my Playlist below:


AC/DC – This House is on Fire
Alice Cooper – House of Fire
Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire
Dare – Into the Fire
Deep Purple – Into the Fire
Def Leppard – Comin’ Under Fire
Def Leppard – Ring of Fire
Dokken – Into the Fire
Firehouse – Hold Your Fire
Great White – Baby’s On Fire
Helix – House on Fire
Kansas – Fight Fire with Fire
Metallica – Jump In The Fire
Rainbow – Fire Dance
Slaughter – All Fired Up
Strangeways – Walk In The Fire
Survivor – Fire Makes Steel
The Doors – Light My Fire
Van Halen – On Fire
Yngwie Malmsteen – Playing with Fire

P.S. I don’t own any audio or visual material used in this publication. All the rights and credits go to the owners and/publishers.
The publication expresses my personal opinion and in no way is trying to make a generalized statement. Please be kind and considerate when you read and/or comment.



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