[Playlist] This Week in Classic Rock Songs


When I was a little girl, my favorite activity was to record songs from the radio on my cassettes. I had this old school Panasonic cassette recorder and I used to listen to the radio all day long and wait for my favorite songs to be played so that I can record them and make the “ultimate mixtape”. I had like hundreds of these tapes filled up with playlists featuring classic rock songs, pop and dance music. I loved it! Nothing has changed, though…. Nowadays, I’m sure people don’t really record songs from the radio – we have the Internet, we have online streaming, we have our smartphone music players, PC music libraries, etc. However, people still do create music playlists…Whether we make it for a special occasion and collect songs exploring a particular theme or just features newly released albums, people who love music are always doing it…If you check my smartphone music player you’d understand what I’m talking about (and probably think I’m crazy) – I have playlists for “when I’m sad”, “when I want to fall asleep”, “when I want to feel energized” and of course the “recently added” song playlist. At the end of each week I usually add or remove songs and arrange my playlists for the upcoming week. I know it’s Thursday, but that doesn’t really matter… I thought it’s high time I started making classic rock mixtapes on my blog…

With the following selection of 10 songs, I would like to invite you to either go down memory lane or experience new emotions and feelings with classic rock songs which you may not have heard before. I do hope you guys enjoy it!

Time to have a glimpse at my personal music player and which songs can you find in there… Have a listen…



1. Steve Perry – Oh Sherrie (1984)


2. Def Leppard – Armageddon It (1987)


3. Judas Priest – Turbo Lover (1986)


4. Foreigner – Double Vision (1978)


5. David Bowie – Suffragette City (1972)


6. Skid Row – Piece of Me (1989)


7. Whitesnake – Still of the Night (1987)


8. Pink Floyd – Money (1973)


9. Dire Straits – Sultan of Swing (1978)


10. Asia – Heat of the Moment (1982)




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I'm a girl who wants to keep great rock music alive!

6 thoughts on “[Playlist] This Week in Classic Rock Songs”

  1. Hi Velina,
    Who doesn’t like a good mixed tape? Especially when you try and put different artists’ songs in some sort of order that, to you, makes sense.
    Ok – so back in my mid-teens a group of us all in into rock music put together mixed tapes. We each did up a list of our top 50 favourite songs so if a mixed tape was put together, and we weren’t there, then our songs could be recorded. I still remember my top 10. In fact one of them appears in your list above. Who’d have guessed that?


    1. Hey, Ian! Thanks again for the comment!
      In this particular post – there’s no special order, though – I mean just some tunes I’ve been listening to these days …
      Which song from ur mixtape is here? Is it the Def Leppard one?


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