Classic Rock Song of The Day: GREAT WHITE – The Angel Song (1989)

My classic rock song of the week is the stunning ballad (no surprises there) “The Angel Song” by Great White. Coming out of their highly successful 1989 album, titled “…Twice Shy”, the mellow rocker has often been regarded as one of the band’s most beloved tunes and most certainly their finest attempt at producing a rock ballad.

‘80s rock music scene was overflowing with power ballads. Some were quite mediocre, obviously done out of the constant pressure to keep up with the trends and not because the band was truly invested into it. Others, however, stood out with their sincerity and breathtaking musicianship, resulting from the band’s devotion and desire to craft something meaningful, instead of just jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it. Great White’s “The Angel Song” is definitely one of those ballads, at least in my book. Jack Russell wasn’t afraid of stepping out of his comfort zone and fully embracing his gentler side as a vocalist. Moreover, the lyrics are what truly turned this touching song into a favorite of mine. Written by guitarist Mark Kendall and producer Alan Niven, the song tells us a story of innocence, broken dreams, unmet expectations and death even.  The chorus is the most thrilling part. Jack sings “…Fly, lonely angel High above these streets of fire…fly, lonely angel…Far away from mad desire…” – a sad goodbye to someone who is no longer with us or a tender appeal to protect your innocence and not dive into the mad and scary world that is out there. Interpretations aside, the important thing is to listen and feel it, because it’s truly amazing, believe me!


Check out this LIVE performance of “The Angel Song”


“The Angel Song” Lyrics

Fallen angel, ripped and bruised
Think on better days
Life is rude, treats you bad
Tears your wings away

Raise your eyes, to star and sky
Believe in fly aways
Take your dreams, your broken schemes
And sweep the past away

Fly, lonely angel
High above these streets of fire
fly, lonely angel
Far away from mad desire

Hollywood ain’t paved with gold
It’s just a trick of light
Sunset falls on stars of old
And blinds you with its light

A spider’s web of tangled lives
Lays stretched across the hills
From distances it’s glistening
Like El Dorado’s halls

Fly, lonely angel
High above these streets of fire
Fly, lonely angel
Leave behind the mad desire

The dream was light, and fragrant nights
But how were you to know?
The streets are hard, they’re mean and scarred
Where only fools find gold

Fly, lonely angel
High above these streets of fire
Fly, lonely angel
Leave behind the mad desire

Fly, lonely angel
Spread your wings another way
Fly, lonely angel
Find a better way a better day

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  1. Amazing how many of these hair metal and heavy metal artists of the 80s that at the time, I paid little attention to. Now they stand out with their originality and music composition. Today’s music is dead. And the young people are brainwashed into thinking its actual “music”. Love Great White’s take on the Mott the Hoople classic “Once Bitten Twice Shy”
    Check out my blog on glam metal of the same era

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