WARRANT’s “Cherry Pie” Celebrates its 27th Anniversary

You know, it’s pretty unfortunate when an album or a song define the entire career of a band or an artist. It’s even more unfortunate when we talk about a band with true talent and potential.

This is the story of WARRANT and their sophomore album, named “Cherry Pie”. To commemorate its anniversary, I decided to go back to that pivotal year for Warrant and remind everyone of some key facts and songs , surrounding its release and legacy. Before I move on with my rambling, I would like to emphasize that I am not one of those people who unfairly judge Warrant or put unnecessary labels on them. I am one of those fans who can differentiate between doing something with your heart and doing something because of environmental pressures. Yes, I am talking about that infamous title song that turned from a blessing to a curse and haunted their career for a while. If you ask true rock music fans, all of them will tell you that Warrant were and still are mind-blowing and will certainly point out a favorite song that’s not going to be “Cherry Pie”. But for the uncultured mass – you say Warrant, they say “Cherry Pie”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a fun song, a song that everyone knows and had once danced to. But let’s talk about the rest of the album because in case you forgot, it contains the unbelievable tracks “I Saw Red”, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “Blind Faith”.

Warrant’s sophomore album was released in September 11, 1990 and it quickly turned into one of the biggest albums of the year, mostly thanks to its title song. “Cherry Pie” (the track) was written in 15 minutes by Jani Lane, after the president of their label demanded they record an easy-to-sell sexy rock anthem, similar to “Pour Some Sugar on Me” or “Dr. Feelgood”, probably. I’m not going to go into detail about the track but watch any interview with Jani (may he rest in peace) and you will see what his genuine feelings are, in regards with the top10 hit.

The brilliant track “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was originally supposed to be the first single and the name of the album. To many fans this track remains one of Warrant’s most memorable works and the highlight of the album, undoubtedly.

“I Saw Red” is in my humble opinion the most special and beautifully-delivered track on the album. When the singer and song-writer had actually experienced every word, the connection we, the listeners, establish is much stronger and easier to create. Deep, meaningful and painful songs like this one are the reason why feel alive when listening to music. The singles are not all of it, though! “Love in Stereo”, “Mr. Rainmaker” and “Bed of Roses” are a few of my other favorites and songs that deserve a play or two.

The entire album showcases a solid musical progression and a bunch of dedicated musicians, striving for growth and ready to learn. The guitars are more prominent, the lyrics are more thoughtful (courtesy of Jani Lane) and more room was left open for keyboards, elaborate arrangements and new musical styles and elements. You can label it as a “party album” but that will never really be the case for me…

Feel free to tell me what you think about this album while listening to the great tunes below:

“I Saw Red”

“Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

“Blind Faith”

Album artwork, retrieved from https://www.discogs.com/Warrant-Cherry-Pie/master/94305
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3 thoughts on “WARRANT’s “Cherry Pie” Celebrates its 27th Anniversary”

  1. I agree with you about this album. I was a sophomore in high school when this album was released and did not care for it at the time. However, as time passed, I began to see the artistry behind this album. It’s funny, this past summer I was listening to this while mowing the lawn and came to a conclusion: This album may very well be one of the finest examples of how to order the track listing. It just flows so smoothly from one song into another. Not to mention the songs, but the track order begs one to listen to the album over and over. Again, great album and a great leap forward in songwriting from their dubious debut!


  2. “Bed of Roses” is my favorite song on the album.

    This album sand me from suicide in 2012. I’m not kidding. I was inordinately depressed at the time, I’m not sure why, I just was. I happened upon an old copy of cherry pie, not a remastered one, in a thrift store. Even though I honestly, at the time, really disliked hair bands & Warrant, I figured ‘What have I got to lose?” I was at the bottom anyway & couldn’t get any lower. Btw, being born in ’85, I grew up hearing how stupid hair bands were & I really hated them. Thankfully you were born a few years later so you didn’t have that same stigma.

    When I put it in my car & played it, singing happened I didn’t expect, it made me happy. It didn’t totally take the pain away, but it was a significant improvement. I contributed listening to it over the next few months & I quickly discovered many other hair bands as well, Cinderella became my other favorite. I listen to a lot of the hard rock & glam metal. I love heavier metal, but Wyden you’ve been down in the dress like I have, fun metal or rock is just better. Metalica avid iron maiden did not advice my life, warrant did.

    But Warrant’s album Cherry Pie will forever hold a special place & for me, is an album that truly saved my life. I wish I could thank Jani Lane, I think he’s feel better about things knowing that.


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