It’s time to crown the GREATEST (power) ballad of the ’80s!

The glory days of rock ballads may be long gone, but all those breathtaking mellow tunes are still relevant and still loved by people from all over the world. As a (power) ballad enthusiast and a huge fan of the ’80s rock music scene, I decided to prepare this little poll for my readers to see which one of these tearjerkers will turn out to be the most beloved one!?

Please feel free to participate in my poll or add a favorite (power) ballad in case it’s not on the list! The results will be announced one month from now in a separate publication!

Happy Voting!




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I'm a girl who wants to keep great rock music alive!

4 thoughts on “[POLL] VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE ’80S (Power) BALLAD(S)”

    1. Thanks for voting 🙂

      I asked my followers on twitter some time ago to name their favorite ballad and I took their answers to make this poll ^^ + added some of mine, of course.
      I am leaving it all in the hands of the readers, just for fun^^

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