My song of the day is “No Smoke Without Fire” by Bad Company!! Another energizing, uplifting and very empowering rock tune from the late 80s! I’m not going to talk about how underrated Bad Company are, instead I would like to spread the word and remind you (or make you listen for the first time) of this awesome track! The tune comes from their 1988 album “Dangerous” which is filled up with hard solid rockers like “Shake it Up”, “One Night” and “Dangerous Age” and I dearly recommend it to you, guys! Will make a publication, especially for the album any time soon!

Listen to the tune!


“No Smoke Without Fire” Lyrics

Ooh, you’re like a book with a page torn out
You can turn from a whisper to a shout, ooh yeah
You come running just as fast as you can, into the arms of another man, yeah

But you can do what you wanna do now, tell me what you wanna say
You can take what you wanna take, babe, take it all away

Oh, there’s no smoke without a fire, and there’s no heat without a flame
Oh, there’s no love without desire, but I won’t play your games

Ooh, you’ve got the looks that can turn a head
You’ve got a turn that can leave a man dead, ooh yeah
You keep tellin’ me our love is alright
You disappear, you don’t come home all night

Just tell me what you wanna do now, tell me where you wanna go
It’s your life, you can do what you want, baby let me know


Please don’t ask me why
‘Cos I can’t quite explain, I’m like a moth to your flame


Yeah, just tell me what you wanna do now, tell me where you wanna go
It’s your life, you can do what you want, baby let me know, yeah

[Chorus] – let’s talk about it


“No Smoke Without Fire” Lyrics, retrieved from
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