My Favorite Male ROCK VOCALISTS !


Let’s talk male vocals in rock music – a topic I absolutely adore discussing and analyzing. I am absolutely pretentious and extra picky when it comes to male rock vocals and there are just a few of them who are in my “the best” list. I did a previous publication before, dedicated to some male rockstars with amazing voices, however this time it’s going to be more personal and the post will be more in relation with the classic rock era and specifically classic rock bands from the 80s. I’ve said it before – the 80s gave birth to some phenomenal rock bands and some brilliant male vocalists. Those frontmen and solo artists not only managed to captivate us with their charisma, style and showmanship, but melted our hearts with voices from heaven…

The following eight rockstars are indeed one of the most talented artists I have ever seen and possess some of the most outstanding singing abilities. Those male vocalists are very special to me because through their voice, I was able to experience emotions and feelings that no other artist had ever given me… They can all blow our minds away with intense and raw energetic vocal deliveries, but at the same time they also proved they can be very sensual and tender with their voice. I would like to say a few words about each of them and play my favorite songs, performed by those amazing musicians…

I mean it’s just not fair – how come I was not born with such talents…


Lou Gramm

Lou Gramm - Foreigner 2

Foreigner‘s lead singer, Lou Gramm can easily melt your heart and soul with his sensual but quite fierce voice.He is also one of the main reasons why I’m such a die hard Foreigner fan – I can just listen to him singing for days and weeks and months… I particularly enjoy him singing ballads and I believe his voice is just perfect for the softer rock tunes. For instance, his vocal performance in songs such as “Waiting For a Girl Like You” or “That Was Yesterday”, “Blue Morning, Blue Day” goes beyond reason…


Joe Elliott


Where do I even begin with this extraordinary British rock sensation!!!?? Def Leppard’s lead vocalist, Joe Elliot has been on stage for more than 30 years and even at the age of 60 he still has it! His voice is very distinctive and you can immediately recognize it – that’s probably the reason why I love him so much. His vocal delivery is very spirited – he likes to scream a lot and often pushes himself to the limit. He is always surprising me with new highs, new ranges and new vocal techniques – he is just too good to be true! There are just no boundaries for Joe – he is not afraid to blow off the roof with his voice.


Steve Perry

Steve Perry 4

There’s a very good reason why Journey’s Steve Perry’s nickname is “The Voice”. Among all the male vocalists on this list, Steve’s voice has to be the richest in terms of technicality, range and power – his talents are not from this world, I’m telling you… His unique persona, in combination with his distinctive and unbelievable voice made him the perfect frontman. I can’t think of anyone else who can come even close to Steve Perry. He has the “golden voice” and that’s that – no one can question it or convince me otherwise…


David Coverdale

David Coverdale2

Every time I want to listen to power ballads from the 80s, I just play Whitesnake. David Coverdale is the master of the glam rock era and I absolutely adore his music. I don’t think there’s any other frontman on this list who can combine and deliver so many feelings through his voice – sex, love, power, energy, passion, devotion, sadness… I don’t have to talk about it – just listen…


Sammy Hagar

SAMMY Hagar 3

I still stand by my words – Sammy Hagar was the best thing that happened to Van Halen and I am so sorry that they had to go their separate ways. Sammy’s voice is just magical and I was able to connect with it immediately – it just touched my soul and occupied my heart. His voice is very powerful and he kills the highs like no other… The quality of Sammy’s vocal delivery is extraordinary and it just makes me want to listen to him for the rest of my life…


Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison – the thought of this brilliant musician who was taken away from us much too soon, has always made me quite sad. Survivor’s second lead vocalist – Jimi, immediately proved to be one of the strongest voices in the industry. He just had it all – class, style, sensitivity and above all a talent I can’t just describe with words. I just wish he was still with us – his years with Survivor, as well as his solo projects gave the world some of the greatest musical treasures. He is indeed one of the greatest frontman ever…


Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton

Yes – Clapton is more of a guitar GOD than a singer, however I have always been very attracted to his voice and I just love listening to him perform – especially during live events. People might say that his vocal delivery doesn’t really impress with any special or distinguishable traits. To me, though, the depth of his voice, as well as the way he sings the blues, brings me calmness and comfort… and I just want to lose myself in Eric’s music…


Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner

Rainbow + Turner = pure magic! I don’t want to compare him with their previous vocalist – Ronnie James Dio, but the years with Joe did it for me. People often seem to forget about Rainbow and Joe when they talk about great classic rock bands – I never do, though. Rainbow was an awesome band and Joe is indeed one of the most talented and exceptional lead vocals in history of rock music. His voice just makes me forget about everything…


Let me hear what you guys think? Who is your favorite male vocalist from the classic era?

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  1. Aaah all great singers in their own ways… My personal pick would be the golden voice of Brad Delp! I expected to see Joey Tempest and Terry Brock on your list.


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