My Top 10 ’80s Rock Albums!

15 Top Albums

The 80s…where do I even begin!?
There is something so magical and so unbelievably brilliant in the music of the 80s. The spirit and the aura of those phenomenal artists who wrote so many outstanding songs can never be duplicated! I don’t know about you guys, but I truly believe that the 80s was the decade that produced the best music and gave birth to the best musicians! I can’t really explain why – I guess you just have to feel it, song after song… The artists were creative, the style was so unique, and the lyrics were so emotional and tense… and I’m not just talking about rock music.
Since this is a place, dedicated to classic rock, I decided that it’s time to finally get down to probably the MOST difficult thing in the world – select 10 favorite classic rock albums that were released during the 80s (1980-1989). I will start with part 1 and will eventually make part 2, simply because I want to mention and express my appreciation for much more than just 10 albums. For now, however, let me just give you the first pile of albums! Let me know if you guys also love them as much as I do! Here we go…



Def Leppard – Hysteria ( 1987 )

Def_Leppard_-_Hysteria_(vinyl_version)It may be difficult to count down and list all of my favorite albums, released in the 80s, however if you ask me which one peaks at number 1, I won’t even think – the answer would just come immediately. There’s no other album, regardless of when it was released, that is so close to my heart and can make me feel the way “Hysteria” makes me feel. Each and every one of those songs from the album possesses such energy, passion and devotion that you can’t but completely fall inlove with Def Leppard. As we all know, this album took them five years to make and is a pure reflection of what hard work, sleepless nights and endless hopes can bring you. The album spawned 7 hit singles and turned the band into a worldwide phenomenon. My favorite songs include “Women”, “Love Bites”, “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Hysteria”…believe it or not, there hasn’t been a day without listening to those four songs in particular – I love those guys and I adore the album!



Def Leppard – Pyromania ( 1983 )

Def_Leppard_-_PyromaniaMy second favorite classic rock album from the 80s and as a matter in fact in general is once again coming from the mighty Def Leppard and it’s called “Pyromania”. Released in 1983, this album is probably the album that completely changed the game for the band. From that moment forward, Def Leppard officially became one of the most successful and best-selling bands of all time! Needless to say, I love each and every song with all my heart and soul. From the energetic beat of “Photograph” to the perfect vocals of Joe Elliot in “Foolin’”, “Pyromania” makes me feel so many positive emotions and brings me so much joy and happiness. Pure masterpiece!



Foreigner -4 ( 1981 )

9992.-Foreigner-4-1981.jpgI grew up listening to Foreigner, so their music is quite special to me – always was always will be! I have a few reasons why my favorite Foreigner album is “4” and why is the album in this list. The first reason is called “Urgent”, the second reason is called “Jukebox Hero” and the third reason is called “Waiting for a Girl like You”. Actually, I love all the other songs as well, but those three have always had a very special effect on me. The album was released in 1981 and it peaked on #1 position on the charts for a very good reason. With Lou Gramm as a vocalist and Mick Jones as a lead guitarist, the album couldn’t be anything else than exceptional!



Van Halen – 5150 ( 1986 )

51 50 VAN HALENVan Halen’s “5150” has to be my favorite Van Halen album ever! I think the reason why is because it’s the first album from the Sammy Hagar era. It was released in 1986 and was their first number one album on the charts! Well, just listen to a few of the songs and you’ll understand why! Get ready to be left speechless by Sammy’s unimaginable vocals and Eddie’s perfect guitar playing, which by the way can produce more power than the Sun, I think. I love the album, especially “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Dreams” and “Love Walks In”. “5150” was indeed a bit more commercial and radio-friendly than their previous works with David Lee Roth, however it 100% matched my music taste, so it doesn’t really matter!



Tina Turner – Foreign Affair ( 1989 )

Tina - Foreign AffairDon’t be surprised – Tina Turner, the queen of rock ‘n’ roll is of course one of my most favorite artists of all time! This is what I call a true diva – just look at her and listen to her music! Inspirational woman with unmatchable talents! The 80s was her time – she made a phenomenal comeback and completely blew our minds away. “Foreign Affair“ was the last album she released in the 80s and interestingly, it was her first number one album in the UK. What can I say – the album is sensual, passionate, expressive and full of energy! Songs such as “Steamy Windows”, “The Best” and “Look Me in the Heart” have to be among the greatest pop rock tunes ever!



Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet ( 1986 )

maxresdefaultTell me honestly – do you think there’s even a single person who doesn’t have this album on their list of favorite rock albums, released in the 80s? –I don’t think so. Bon Jovi were big…no, they were HUGE in the 80s. Their charisma, exceptional songwriting and amazing vision turned this album into a huge success. So far, “Slippery When Wet” is their best-selling album of all time and needless to say it’s beyond perfect. We all love the all-time classics – “You Give Love a Bad Name”, “Livin’ on a Prayer”, “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “I’d Die For You”. Such beautiful, fierce and energetic tunes can never be forgotten! Not to mention the lyrics – they just knew how to write damn good songs! My favorite song from “Slippery When Wet” has to be “I’d Die For You”



Eric Clapton – August ( 1986 )

Eric Clapton - AugustOf course I’m gonna have Eric Clapton on my list of favorite albums! Whether we’re talking about the 80s or in general, Eric Clapton’s “August” is without doubt one of my most precious and loved albums of all time! Released back in 1986, the album is his best-selling LP of all time! Interesting fact – it was produced by Phil Collins (I still stand by my previous claims – Phil Collins is a better producer and drummer, than a singer) I can listen to songs, such as “Miss You”, “Tearing us Apart” (with Tina Turner), “It’s in the Way That You Use It” and “Take a Chance” for days! It’s such a brilliant and well-written album! I love the rhythm, the vocals and the atmosphere it carries! Probably the best Clapton album up to date!



AC / DC – Back In Black ( 1980 )

61sJIfuUSiL._SL1500_Going back to the “heavier” stuff – I just had to include AC/DC’s “Back in Black”. I’m sure that just like I do, many other rock fans consider this album as one of their ultimate favorite classics from the 80s. The title song is crazy and I love it! But songs, such as “Have a Drink on Me”, “Shake a Leg” and “What Do You Do for Money” are the songs that absolutely do the trick for me! The album was released in 1980 and it was their first album with Brian Johnson as the new vocalist. Well, it’s been what – more than 35 years since this treasure was released but I still can’t stop singing “Back in black I hit the sack, I been too long I’m glad to be back…”



Journey – Escape ( 1981 )

Journey_EscapeJourney’s “Escape” has been referred to as one of THE albums of the 80s many times. With Steve Perry (Mr. VOICE) as their frontman and beautiful songs such as Don’t Stop Believin”, “Who’s Crying Now” and “Still They Ride”, this album was destined for success. It was released in 1981 and it topped the charts! But I mean, come on, just listen to these rockstars pouring out their souls…it’s so magical! We can never get albums such as this one nowadays… I am super biased because I’m a huge Steve Perry fan, but it is what it is. To me, “Escape” is very touching, emotional and dreamy, but at the same time it also possesses that special rock ‘n’ roll aura and uplifting spirit.



Whitesnake – Whitesnake ( 1987 )

Whitesnake WhitesnakeI ADORE power ballads, I love David Coverdale’s voice and I love this album with all my heart. “Crying in the Rain”, “Looking for Love”, “Is This Love” and “Give Me All Your Love” are some of my most favorite tracks of all time! (Especially “Looking for Love”) 80s was a very successful decade for Whitesnake and this album in particular brought them not only top chart spots but worldwide fame and recognition. It was released in 1987 and to me personally, it has to be their best one so far. Probably the main reason why I love and appreciate it so much is the lyrics – the emotional intensity of the words David sings is beyond measure. Deep male vocals, in combination with romantic lyrics and powerful rock melody – can’t get any better than that!


Well, this is it for now! I hope you guys love these albums as much as I do! Comment if we have any mutual favorites!




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  1. Hi Velina,
    Wow – some of my favourite words in your blog title….
    Doing a top 10;
    So as for mutual favourites, well I own 6 of your top 10.

    What can I say here that hasn’t been written before on your top two…….which are my top two albums of all time………Hysteria and Pyromania. The foundations to the soundtrack of my life.

    Slippery When Wet – Yep, blockbuster. Huge singles..…great album. It may not be my favourite BJ album either….just…

    5150 – Easily the best VH album with Sammy and in my top 3 for sure overall. Could it be #1? Sammy is a better singer that Mr Roth – they write songs differently. But Mr Roth couldn’t have come up with lyrics to a song like Dreams now could he….

    Back in Black – yep, packs a punch. No need to mention how popular it is……Hells Bells I’d rate as my most played AC/DC song.

    Whitesnake 1987 – How many in your face guitar riffs are on this record? I still refer to the original 9 song album as you may know. The revamped versions of Here I Go Again and Crying in the Rain are stellar. And Still of the Night……..well, no more needs to be said. Too bad the other band members who recorded the album all ‘left’ before they toured and it was so successful.

    Eric Clapton – Don’t own this one. I respect his musicianship and ability. I’d actually forgotten he did ‘It’s in the way that you use it’…..good song.

    Escape – Similar. I think Don’t Stop Believin’ is a great song. But haven’t got into their other songs too much.

    4 – I have a couple of songs off this album on my phone to play…..’Urgent’ and ‘Waiting……

    Tina Turner – Well don’t own this either. Simply the Best is a good song. Trivia fact – it was used as the theme music in of Australia’s sporting codes for a couple of years in the early 90s. And it was very popular.

    Couldn’t help the long reply – there were too many great albums in your list!



    • Ian! Awesome comment! After the dark side i think it’s time u buy Foreigner and Clapton!
      and yeah
      80s rock and albums are my three favorite things in the world haha


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