The Hottest Male Rockstars of the 80s!


Itโ€™s time to shift our musical focus a little bit and spice up things on this lovely Tuesday evening. This time, I wonโ€™t be talking about music or albums โ€“ I will aim your attention to something more visually pleasing and exciting! Yes, I have prepared for my readers (especially for the ladies) a list of some of the hottest male rockstars of the 80s! As we all know, the rock music scene during that time was flourishing with countless rockstars, endless hits and one of a kind music. However, pure hard rock music was not the only thing those artists were pursuing โ€“ the 80s was the era that combined rock โ€˜nโ€™ roll and sexuality and rockstars loved it! The style, the looks, the charm, the fashion, the swagger, the leather jackets, the long hair, the strong aura โ€“ they all had it! Of course, another reason why I wanted to splash you with such pictures is to once again remind ourselves and experience the outstanding fashion, especially of those glam metal stars. It’s fascinating because it does look a bit out-of-the-ordinary nowadays, but imagine – back in the day, 80s rockstars were rocking those outfits and hairs so well!
I honestly donโ€™t think weโ€™ll ever witness such massive amount of impressive, handsome and talented male rockstars, performing and competing on the same scene. The 80s are long gone, the trend has changed and nowadays, all we have are the memories and the photos of those brilliant and very sexy artists. Donโ€™t get me wrong โ€“ nowadays we do have some gorgeous male rockstars, equally talented and amazing as those who ruled the 80s. However, this blog is dedicated to classic rock music, so today I will try to make you feel happy by listing the following eye-candiesโ€ฆ

They might have lost their youth and looks but that doesnโ€™t really matter now does it? We still love them and remember their glory and crazy days during the 80sโ€ฆas well as how amazing they lookedโ€ฆ
I should say that itโ€™s a personal selection so thereโ€™s a chance I might have missed one or two of your favorites. Still, no one can deny that those men I listed had it all! Letโ€™s look at some pictures!



Joe Elliott ( Def Leppard)


Steve Clark ( Def Leppard ) RIP 1960-1991


Eddie Van Halen ( Van Halen )


Jon Bon Jovi ( Bon Jovi )

Axl Rose ( Guns N’ Roses )


Sebastian Bach ( Skid Row )


David Bowie


Billy Idol


Jani Lane ( Warrant ) RIP 1964 – 2011


Kip Winger ( Winger )


Bret Michaels ( Poison )


John Taylor ( Duran Duran )


Jimi Jamison ( Survivor ) RIP 1951 – 2014


David Coverdale ( Whitesnake )


David Lee Roth ( Van Halen )


2 thoughts on “The Hottest Male Rockstars of the 80s!

  1. I absolutely agree with this list! Especially Sebastian Bach, John Taylor, David Lee Roth and Axl Rose. So handsome, sexy, and talented.


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