[Playlist] 10 Great Songs by Deep Purple


These past few days I’ve been listening to Deep Purple more than usual – I don’t know I guess it’s the whole Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame controversy and the fact that Ritchie Blackmore is basically banned from the ceremony that kind of made me think about those guys quite a lot. I don’t really appreciate the whole debate going on and I stand for Ritchie because let’s face it – was there gonna be a Deep Purple, without Ritchie!? Him, not being there to accept this award and recognition sounds more than ridiculous. I tried to understand the stand of each side, however Ian Gillan’s statement sounded extremely superficial, not to mention hypocritical – I mean, let’s face it – he was like “Hey, sorry, Ritchie –just sit at home and watch the ceremony while we play your songs….”

Anyhow, the absurdity of the situation and the ceremony aside, I decided to prepare a little playlist with 10 of my most favorite Deep Purple songs. Picking up just 10 songs from their enormous catalogue was quite the task, however I did enjoy it. After all, we are talking about DEEP PURPLE – one of the earliest pioneers of hard rock and unquestionably, of the greatest rock bands in the world. If it weren’t for them, rock and metal bands such as Metallica, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Pantera, Europe and many many more wouldn’t even exist. They set the standards and laid the grounds for hard rock and are one of the most respected musicians and rockstars in the world. Despite experiencing too many line-up changes and getting over constant conflicts and creative clashes, the band left a legacy that cannot be matched by anyone…
Back to my playlist – as I already mentioned, picking up just 10 awesome songs from Deep Purple’s long and prolific career can be very challenging. However – there it is. Agree with me or not – I think it’s a good collection of hits and forgotten treasures…

Perfect Strangers (1984)


Mistreated (1974)


Smoke on the Water (1972)


Burn (1974)


Hush (1968)


When a Blind Man Cries (1972)


Stormbringer (1974)


Child in Time (1970)


Speed King (1970)


Highway Star (1972)


Hope you enjoyed my selection and got reminded of those classics!


P.S I don’t own any audio or visual material in this publication. All the credits and rights go to the owners and/or publishers.



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