[LIVE] 5 Unforgettable AC/DC Live Performances

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Angus Young performing at Coachella, 2015 (photo: Rolling Stone magazine)

I woke up this morning with the intense desire to grab my things, find the first rock concert and party the hell out of this lazy Sunday. Unfortunately, I don’t think today is my day for a rock concert. In the spirit of this “feeling” I had (haha), I thought about the ultimate and undisputed kings of live concerts – which of course are non-others than AC/DC. It has been a dream of mine to one day have the chance to experience this, I believe, quite difficult to describe emotion and excitement you can get when attending a concert of AC/DC. Many people might not agree with me when I say that AC/DC are the kings of live concerts and the greatest band to see performing live, however that is just my opinion, mostly based on what I have seen and heard.

It’s very difficult to write about a band that is so famous, so important, so loved and appreciated and that did so much to contribute to the music industry. Therefore, I’m not going to go into details about how awesome, how perfect and how powerful and influential they are…I’m sure every rock music fan knows that pretty well and was able to experience it with every single one of their songs. Rather than that, today I’m going to focus on their live performances and some of my favorite songs of them performed live by this insane (I’m saying it in a good way, of course) rock band I adore and respect so much.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to imagine that AC/DC started out back in 1973 and are still alive, kicking and even making new albums and appearances. That’s why I respect them so much – they are Gods – pure rocknroll Gods! Back to the live performances, I want to show you guys some really epic and memorable song of AC/DC performed live – ok maybe not show you but remind you, because I am sure many people are well aware of some of the following videos I’m about to put. I will try to present some variety and hopefully you might get energized for the day by watching them again performing live. At least I did – even though you are not there personally, you can feel the raw energy and the power that comes out of the stage! It’s beyond fascinating… how the hell do they do it!? Here we go…
P.s I am a little bit restrained from the videos I can find on YouTube and their quality as well, so forgive me…


I am kicking off things with a more recent performance – a live concert I was so happy to see and so happy to experience, even though it was just on video. AC/DC made a two-song opening performance during the Grammy Awards last year (2015) and what a performance that was… Those celebrities have no idea how damn lucky they are to see them live… They did “Rock or Burst” from their latest album and “Highway to Hell” – a classic song I’d like to think everyone love with all their hearts. I consider this performance very important because it was their first appearance on national tv in 14 years and they made it phenomenal and unforgettable – just like they always do it.

Ok this one is a personal favorite, because I love the song – I think it is my favorite AC/DC song of all time…it’s just so dynamic and impressive. It’s from their 1981 album with the same title. Also I think the lyrics are awesome! This performance is from 2009, live at River Plate. I mean, just look at them – they maybe old, but things never changed for them now have they? Putting up a show like that and making the audience go mad…I cannot begin expressing how remarkable that is…I salute you, AC/DC…

I was looking for an oldie and I found this one…Also I had to show you guys a live performance of this song since this is the ultimate AC/DC song…the song that changed the game for them from the album that is the second best-selling album of all time (after MJ’s Thriller)…Can you imagine that? As shown on the video, they did this back in 1981. They didn’t change at all now did they? Angus, you animal….just look at him…

So far, I have only posted live performances of AC/DC with Brian Johnson as their frontman – he has been with the band since the previous vocalist – Bon Scott died in 1980. I think many of you guys my age grew up listening to the voice of Brian Johnson, however Bon Scott still remains one of the greatest male vocalists of all time and one of the reasons why AC/DC turned into this huge sensation back in the day…So you see forgetting about him would be a sin, in my opinion. Anyhow, I found this live performance of TNT from 1976 and wow…look how young they are. Not to mention the impressive vocal delivery of Bon Scott… I love this performance because it’s so era-representative and you could see that this stage is clearly too small for Angus and his wild stage persona…

I’m going to end with this one – another one of my favorite AC/DC songs and a live performance taken from a fan in the audience (for which I’m so thankful). The song once again comes from “Back in Black” album and it is indeed a perfect song for a live performance. It’s a recent live concert from their “Rock or Burst” tour in 2015 which, needless to say, was a huge success. Brian’s voice is insane and I cannot believe those guys are still so energetic and spirited – like time doesn’t really apply to them! I’m so jealous of every single one of the members of the audience…


Well, I hope everyone enjoyed those live performances as much as I did…I feel much more alive after once again watching those incredible rockstars doing what they do best – entertaining people and delivering pure and raw energy to everyone… I hope one day I get the chance to catch them live – it’s going to be a memory of a thousand lifetimes, I’m sure…


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