5 Great Male Rock Singers

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Today I am going to talk about male rock singers – probably one of my favorite topics to deliberate on!

The key element of creating and delivering a good rock act is undoubtedly the singer. The frontman of any rock band needs to possess very special and unique characteristics in order to captivate, influence and even energize the public. Some of those characteristics may include distinctive showmanship, charisma and style. However, what defines a rock singer is their voice. To me personally, the best male singers in general can be found in the rock scene. There is just something so special and magical in the combination of powerful guitar riffs and drums with intensive and rough vocal delivery.

I am very critical and picky when it comes to male vocals and there are a handful of male rock vocalists that are in my “the best list”. So I decided to finally gather some of those male rockstars together and come up with some sort of a list. I started this blog with the idea that I would never place a number next to a song, album or a name – to me this is just wrong on so many levels. I won’t be using rankings or numbers but I had to draw the line at choosing only five for now – otherwise, who knows how long the list would go…

Those five brilliant rock singers are here for a reason – their voices have brought emotions, feelings and have reached my soul… Those five incredibly talented men are my personal ideals and models of how a rock singer should sound like. The post merely reflects my own opinion and is not in any way based on commercial success. I am also not limiting myself to any decade – it just so happens that most of them are famous 80s rock singers…. (Jeez, I wonder why….?)
So here we go! I hope those unforgettable voices would captivate you the same way they did to me (and are still doing it…)


Chris DaughtryImage: Daughtry Performs On NBC's "Today"

Chris is the lead vocalist of the band Daughtry and was also one of the semi-finalists of American Idol before they kicked him out! How could they do that? I’m not sure those people fully understood how brilliant and emotional his vocals are. He quickly landed a new opportunity with RCA Records and look at him now – successful, loved and appreciated by millions for his talent that goes beyond imagination. To me personally, he is one of the greatest male rock singers of the generation! I don’t think words are necessary when it comes to his vocal delivery – just listen and experience because that’s the only way you can understand properly what I’m talking about! He has a vocal range like no other – that’s for sure. What I love so much about him is that every time I feel down or I’m going through some hardships, his voice always cheers me up and brings me peace – it’s that powerful! In 2013 he and his band released a revolutionary album which is also one of my most favorite albums of all time!



Jimi Jamison
(August 23, 1951 – August 31, 2014)

I don’t even know what to say when it comes to Jimi…I still feel so sad every time I listen to Survivor or some of his solo projects. I cannot believe we lost such talent…
Jimi joined the multi-platinum American band Survivor back in 1984 and in my personal opinion, that was the best thing that happened to the band – they were a match made in heaven. Some of my most favorite songs of all time are his band and solo projects – “Is This Love”, “Popular Girl”, “High on You”,Never Too Late” and many more…
To many people his voice is a bit too pop because it is indeed a bit softer and gentler than what we used to hear from the bands back in the 80s, HOWEVER… in my book he is one of the best, the greatest, the most influential and most talented frontmen EVER! To me personally, his voice is perfect for romance and love rock songs (not necessarily ballads) – when he sings about love the whole world can just melt – he is that good and that powerful! Not to mention the class and style he brought to the rock music scene – he was one of those rockstars you just can’t but love. He was also a huge humanitarian and a great person. He died too soon…but his voice will always be there for me…



Bruce Springsteen

I absolutely adore Bruce’s husky rough and so distinctive voice. He is killing me! …Every time he goes on that stage the people go insane not only because of his funny and energetic stage persona but also because his voice is so unique and rare – his voice is a national treasure… How can you not love him? Not to mention that he is also a humanitarian, unmatched entertainer and a great songwriter! Natural raspy voice like his is very uncommon among singers. He has a special and rather seductive and instantly captivating voice that cannot be duplicated. Many rockstars, undoubtedly, have rough voices and are famous for that, but no one has a voice like Bruce! “He uses his whole body when he sings, and he puts out this enormous amount of force and emotion and passion,” – says Melissa Etheridge.


Joe Elliott

Joe is one of the main reasons why I love Def Leppard so much! He has been their frontman for more than 30 years already – can you believe that? He was always rockin it and he always will! This October the band released a new self-titled album and he just proved to the world that even at 60, he still has it! His voice is very distinctive and carries such a strong spirit and such a special aura! Joe’s vocal style is very high and raspy and in some songs, especially in later albums, we can see that his voice became screamy and a little bit rougher. What I mostly adore about his vocal delivery is his ability to always surprise with new highs, ranges and new techniques – he likes to experiment and is not afraid to do it! Why he should be? – His voice is everything!


Sammy Hagar

Ok, I may have said that I don’t want to put numbers when it comes to musicians, bands or songs, but this male rock singer is my ULTIMATE favorite one and that’s that. Ladies and gentleman – Sammy Hagar! Somehow, with me it always goes down to Van Halen – I’m telling you this band just means the world to me.
Sammy had a successful solo career with the band Montrose before joining Van Halen in 1985 – which I think is the best decision he could’ve ever made! The results were phenomenal and quick – multi-platinum albums and love and admiration from people all over the world. To me, Eddie and Sammy were a perfect team and I am still quite sad that he is not their vocalist. Earlier I talked about magic between a guitar and strong male rock vocals – well this is the perfect example of what I was referring to. What Sammy brought to us, to me, to the world with his voice was magical and I could never been able to describe it with words…You know, with some singers you just feel the connection and experience it every time they start singing… He is no extraordinary rock singer with a husky voice. His abilities to kill the highs are out of this world…His timbre, tone quality…the way he sounds…it’s everything to me! I especially love his delivery in songs like “Right Now”, “Why Can’t This Be Love”, “Dreams”, “Best of Both Worlds” and many many more…



This is it for now – five of my most favorite and adored male rock vocalists of all time! For sure so many other rock singers are in my list – Ronnie James Dio, John Waite, Robert Plant, Axl Rose, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Eric Clapton, Bono and of course Freddie Mercury. In any case, I am planning on publishing part 2 so stay tuned for more!



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